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We should take care of the environment if we want to save our planet from destruction. Of course, there are a lot of eco-friendly organizations and companies that try to prevent ecological disasters.

However, sometimes even one person can make a huge impact on the Earth. For example, you may join the “green movers” to ensure that you won’t harm our planet the next time you move to a new place (maybe even your eco-friendly home).

Right now you can get acquainted with 5 important eco-friendly moving tips you should follow to diminish your environmental footprint. What is more, these useful pieces of advice will help you save your money and handle your moving without any difficulties.

1. Plan Everything Beforehand

A plan is key to successful green moving. Set aside some time to start planning your move as soon as possible. It will help you to inventory your stuff and calculate your moving costs.

In addition, planning is a great way to keep you organized and ensure that you won’t forget something. What is more, if you want to draw a great and reliable moving plan, you need to answer the following questions:

1. What items are the most important for you?

2. Do you have any items to give to charity or sell?

3. Are there any eco-friendly moving companies in your region?

4. What packing materials will you use? Do you have enough boxes?

5. How many back and forth trips will you need to finish your moving? Will you cope with this task in a day?

It’s necessary to answer these important questions if you want to finish your moving as soon as possible and, at the same time, protect the environment. When the plan is drafted, you can follow the tips provided below.

2. Get Rid of Low-Usage Items

It’s no-brainer that you have some things or clothes you don’t use. That’s why it’ll be a great idea to sell or give them to charity before you move to a new place.

For example, you can organize a tag sale, use eBay to get rid of the stuff or donate your things to any charitable organization in your region. The last option is a sure way to show that you take care of the local community. 

In addition, don’t forget about your friends and relatives. You can show your respect and love by presenting them with something nice.

3. Purchase Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes 

The usage of environmentally safe packing materials is the best way to protect the planet and its nature. Go to the local grocery and look for eco-friendly moving boxes. In addition, you can purchase bins made of recycled plastic as well as “green” peanuts and bubble wrap. All these eco-friendly moving supplies will help you to protect your belongings without causing damage to the environment.

Also, ask your friends, neighbors or family members whether they have any boxes or plastic bins they don’t need. Take into account that usually one box can last near 5 uses before the end of its life cycle.

And don’t forget about the other stuff you can use to transport your clothes and important things. If you have bags, suitcases, jewelry boxes or baskets, you definitely should use them. Besides, if you need to wrap your things to protect them during transportation, you can take socks, towels, bed sheets or blankets to cope with this task. All these things may become great packing materials.

4. Hire Eco-Friendly Moving Company

There are a lot of different companies that take care of the environment and you can even hire one of them to reduce your environmental impact. Nowadays, more and more of the moving companies try to develop and implement various eco-friendly practices and technologies.

For example, they use only biodiesel fuel for their trucks to reach a zero-emission approach. Plus, these companies use such modern technologies and practices as:

  • GPS devices. A company will find the shortest and the most fuel-efficient route from your old place to the new one.
  • Fuel-efficient trucks. Be sure that any professional eco-friendly moving company has a fleet of modern vehicles that will transport your stuff and furniture without causing damage to the environment.
  • Consolidated shipments. This is a great opportunity not only to save resources but also to cut corners on delivery service.

5. Start with a Clean Slate

Remember that you can keep taking care of the environment even after finishing your moving. First of all, it’ll be a nice idea to keep your packing materials for later.

On the other hand, you can help your neighbors or the local community and give away your eco-friendly boxes to help other people. You even can ask the green moving company to recycle your packing supplies if you are sure you don’t need them anymore.

And, of course, moving is a wonderful chance to start making a commitment to our environment. You should always consider your purchases and avoid unpremeditated buying. Besides, you may start cleaning your new home only with environmentally safe cleaning supplies.


There are no doubts that people interested in green moving can save the Earth and our nature. They care about the environment and try to make our planet a better place. And you certainly should join the “green movers” if you take the long view. Follow the tips written above to make sure that you do your best to decrease the ecological footprint during your moving.

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