10 Types of Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

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Everyday an eco-friendly lifestyle becomes more popular and a lot of people are trying to lead it. They use eco-friendly devices, recycle plastic, and limit the electric energy and water consumption.

However, many of these people don’t know that they can make their homes eco-frinedly and use their roofs to save the environment. You can choose special materials that will help you to reduce your electricity consumption. Besides, all of them are completely recyclable. And some of ecology roof systems even can absorb dangerous ultraviolet light.

That’s why it will be a great idea to use eco-friendly roofing materials if you want to build a house or replace your old roof. Fortunately, due to this article, you can get acquainted with 10 “green” options you should take into consideration if you want to protect the Earth.

1. Live Roof

Live (grass) roof
Live roofs often made from ground and grass or mosses

If you are looking for creative alternative roofing ideas, you can plant a small forest on your roof. Such type is called “horticultural roof” and usually it consists of sealed material covered by soil and plants. It’s possible to plant whatever you want including mosses, herbs, flowers, and even trees. Everything depends on the load your house can take. In addition, you should bear in mind that it’s not cheap and easy to maintain such natural roof.

2. Roofing Materials with Solar Cells

Tesla solar roofs
A Solarglass roof replaces your existing roof with tiles that can power your home for decades with the energy you produce IMG credit: tesla.com

The solar energy industry is constantly growing and provides new eco-friendly solutions. Due to amazing building-integrated photovoltaic technology, you can purchase such roofing materials as metal or shingles with embedded tiny solar cells.

What is more, experts from well-known Tesla Company are constantly trying to improve this technology. Right now they are working on the third version of their Solar Roof.

Although this is an expensive option, it can reduce your energy costs. That’s why choosing such wonderful green roofing materials is an amazing opportunity to protect the environment and save your money.

3. Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are completely recyclable and extremely durable

In case you want to purchase a reliable environmentally friendly roofing material, you definitely need to have a look at clay tiles. First of all, they are completely recyclable and extremely durable. What is more, the tiles create special “air cushion” that will protect your house from heat and cold. There are no doubts, that such material is a great choice for people who want to build cozy houses with sustainable roofs.

4. Metal

Metal for your roof can be produced from recycled metal ware as well as you can recycle such roof after the replacement

There are a lot of eco-friendly roofs covered with metal. This is a unique material because it can be produced from recycled metal ware as well as you can recycle such roof after the replacement. Plus, it will definitely protect your building from heat. And take into account that usually such roofs last more than 50 years. These features make it a great option not only for your home but also for such buildings as warehouses, workshops, and offices.

5. Slate Tiles

Slate roofs can serve you hundreds of years

Slate is one of the sturdiest natural roofing materials because it can last hundreds of years. Some manufacturers even provide their customers with a 100-year warranty on slate roofs. Besides, it looks just great. You definitely won’t regret if you choose this wonderful material.

6. Stone-Coated Steel Tiles

Stone-coated roofs are energy efficient and eco-friendly

This is an attractive, light-weight, and affordable eco-friendly material. The life span of these tiles is about 70 years. Besides, they will provide you with amazing energy efficiency. The tiles will reflect the sun rays that will cut down on the energy costs to keep your house cool. In addition, this material will protect your home from ultraviolet light. And finally, stone-coated steel tiles look just great and are easy to maintain.

7. Wood Shingles

Wood shingles can last up to 20 years

It’s important to choose durable recycled roof material if you want to decrease the environmental impact. Eco shingles can last up to 20 years, however, you can lengthen their life cycle if you maintain them right. Also, the great fact is that the material is absolutely recyclable.

8. Reflective Coating

Reflective coating can reflect up to 80% of the sunlight

You can find a lot of ecology roof systems covered with a reflective coating. This is a great option because you can apply it to any material such as wood, asphalt, or metal. The coating can reflect up to 80% of the sunlight. At the same time, other roof materials will absorb the heat.

Due to such combination, you’ll save a lot of your money. In addition, it’ll decrease the usage of energy necessary to cool your house. And the great fact is that you can apply reflective coating without the help of roofing companies.

9. Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofs will protect your house from heat as well as from low temperatures | img credit: thespruce.com

Reinforced rubber shingles are another great option for sustainable roofs. Usually, they are made from old radial tires. Choosing this material, you get a lot of benefits such as the opportunity to select the color and incredible durability. And the great fact is that rubber shingles can protect your house not only from heat but also from hail and extreme weather conditions.

10. Gravel Roof

Gravel roofs are perfect for sunlight reflection and heat reduction | img credit: wikimedia.org

These sustainable roofs have already caused a revolution in the building industry. The material is made from gravel and glue. This combination is perfect for sunlight reflection and heat reduction. Furthermore, it will provide you with the chance to reduce electricity consumption because you won’t need to use air condition during hot summer days.


As you can see there is a variety of alternative roof materials, so you should think twice before making your final decision. In addition, don’t forget to check whether there is a warranty provided by the manufacturer. You can also read reviews written by the customers. And don’t forget to pay attention to the fire and hail ratings of the selected material. What is more, it’ll be a great idea to find a reliable roofing contractor able to install the chosen roof system.

Remember that every person admits the responsibility for the future of our planet. And choosing the environmentally friendly roofs is a sure way to save the Earth from the destruction.

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  1. Tim says:

    Some good info here. However, on the last two, the descriptions do not at all match the photos. The photos are of flat roofs, that do not use shingles of any type. They use a waterproof membrane. The “gravel roof” picture is a flat roof that has a layer of loose gravel on top to protect the waterproof membrane from damage. If you need to repair a leak you just shovel the gravel aside. Those have been common on industrial buildings for a long, long time.

  2. Brian Burke says:

    I live next door to a white-roofed building. The intense glare and heat that is reflected outward maybe good for the building but it is not good for their neighbors who live above it.

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