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Global environmental problems, which have so sharply risen in recent decades, have led to new trends in architecture and urban planning. Conscious citizens are getting striving to build or remodel green houses that are least harmful to our nature. Due to the fact that “green” construction has become a trend, you can have many opportunities to make “sweet home” not only cozy but also as environmentally friendly as possible.

New global tendency – how to make your home environmentally friendly

Due to the increased popularity, the construction of green houses has declined significantly. Now, the development and implementation of new ideas take significantly less effort and money, with an increase in demand, the supply of ecological materials has also increased. And in the market of architectural projects, the offer of houses that are as eco- friendly as possible has significantly increased.

Besides, building or living in a greener house does not mean that you have to meet the most stringent requirements. You can have even more energy than you need to sell it back to the system. Lowering the cost of green energy is helping make green housing a popular investment available to an increasing number of homeowners.

10 best ideas about how to make your house eco friendly

In order to green your home, you should be ready to make changes and cut costs if necessary. This means for you to try to take less energy than usual and give away some non-ecological things. Although it is obvious that there are many cost-effective ways to achieve environmental friendliness, some of them are often forgotten. Let’s see how you can make your house green and what are the ways to be eco friendly at home.

1. Size of your house

The smaller the house you are building, the easier it is to make it smart and energy-efficient, the less environmental impact it will have. This does not mean that you need to huddle in a tiny house – but try to use the space as efficiently as possible. In addition, a small house will be much cheaper to operate. Be smart and fair with the space you need.

2. Use solar energy

The sun is the main source of clean and affordable energy. Many solar panels have now been developed that are effective at a small size. If you combine solar energy development with some other energy-saving solutions it could be than energy volume you produce even more than you need. In this case you can sell it back to energy suppliers. Thus, you can not only provide yourself with electricity but also make money on other expenses at home. Consult a specialist to get the most out of your home layout.

3. Sustainable Building Materials

When building a green home, use environmentally friendly building materials where possible (for example for your eco-friendly roof) – natural wood, bamboo, cork. It will not only help make your home environmentally friendly, but also it’s so close to nature as it can be, and, thanks to modern processing methods, it will be beautiful and comfortable. In addition, using such materials, you can be sure of the absence of harm to health from chemical impurities. Also, the production of natural building materials is more environmentally friendly. If you need to use artificial materials, choose those that are easy to recycle.

4. Energy Star Window

Use only the best windows marked with for installation in your home. They are not only energy-efficient, but also soundproof. They will make your life more comfortable – and at the same time economically more profitable, because they save heat very well, helping you save on heating. By the way, it is possible to replace windows not only in a house under construction but also in already built houses and even in an apartment. Making your home greener is never too late.

5. Eco-friendly lighting

Stay tuned for the latest lighting innovations and use ice lamps for your apartment. They consume significantly less electricity, and in brightness they are not inferior to traditional ones. Contact specialists to correctly install lighting systems around the house – with a comfortable level of light, but at the same time with a minimum number of light sources. Choose lamps from reliable manufacturers, because the longer they serve you, the less often you will have the problem of recycling lamps, the less money you will spend on them.

6. Insolation

When constructing a new building, make the most of the benefits of locating your home. Try to have as much natural light as possible. After all, the more sunlight gets into your home, the less artificial lighting you will need. And this saves both on lamps and on electricity. And for health, sunlight is very useful, do not deprive yourself of this pleasure. Try to choose the best option between the windows’ size – they should not be too large – and the level of insolation.

7. Smart Home

Use modern smart home technology to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Minimize heating in your absence, adjust air conditioning remotely. Now you can control your home even with your smartphone. Make the most of this opportunity – it can be you’re the most economical decision and can reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

8. Smart Techniques

For your home, purchase modern household appliances with the best indicators of efficiency and ergonomics, the most eco-friendly. This often means at first reduced energy consumption, and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the production, and more affordable disposal after the end of its life. Make sure that all equipment is properly connected and correctly operated.

9. Water

Try to minimize the consumption of freshwater. Use economical water heaters, collect rainwater. Learn about innovative technologies for lawn or garden irrigation. Try to treat water very carefully – this is one of those resources that are very limited. Use modern household appliances, timely repair the water supply and sewer, avoiding leaks.

10. Clean energy

Stay current with clean energy and see if you can use them. After all, in addition to solar energy, you can use geothermal or wind energy. For example you can use home wind turbines. Modern developments do not stand still, trying to create the most environmentally friendly sources. Depending on the point of location of your home, check if this is your option.

So is it difficult making your house green?

We think no – it’s not difficult and even available for many homeowners. Because there are lot of products, solutions and technologies which make your home smart and green. But it’s not always the question of technologies and something you can just buy and install. Being green it’s a question of energy-saving, lesser consumption, recycling and reusable. Combining these not so expensive and challenging eco friendly house ideas with changes in your lifestyle, you can try to make your life better today!

And for those of you who are moving from old house to new one, eco-friendly, we’ve prepared eco-friendly moving tips.

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