Wind Turbine Technician Job Position Detailed Overview

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Wind turbines become more and more popular with eco-conscious people. However, it’s impossible to imagine the development of the wind power industry without reliable specialists. And that’s the reason why the fastest-growing jobs of this decade include not only information security analysts and statisticians but also wind turbine service technicians.

If you are poised to carry out your duties while hovering in the air, this job will be right up your alley. Nevertheless, it’s better to get tipped off about all requirements and specifics before you decide to become a windmill technician. That’s why don’t miss your chance to get acquainted with the most important information related to this occupation. 

This article will definitely satisfy a person who is interested in this job and wants to know all about its advantages and drawbacks. Also, it’ll be useful for people who want to know the answer to the question: What do wind turbine technicians do?

How to Become a Wind Turbine Technician?

Sometimes it happens so that a wind turbine may stop working unexpectedly. In case a person faces such problem, they definitely need the help of a professional wind turbine technician. This is a specialist that can discover and solve any problem that has caused the breakage. Plus, a wind power technician admits responsibility for wind turbine maintenance.

A Day-in-the-Life of Wind Turbine Service Technician video

In case you are afraid of heights or you have claustrophobia, this profession is definitely not your choice. Usually, wind turbine mechanic needs to work in tight spaces at a height of several hundred feet. Although each worker is equipped with special harnesses, this occupation is still considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the energy sector.

Besides, take into consideration that any wind turbine technician must be good at repairing and equipment maintenance. Moreover, it’s necessary to have deep knowledge in mechanics, engineering and physics. And finally, if you want to become a wind turbine service technician, you need to be physically fit. Often windmills are about 260 feet high and the weight of the necessary equipment may reach up to 45 pounds.

Furthermore, some employers may require you to know how to use Microsoft Excel. And additional wind turbine technician requirements include an eye for details, critical thinking, and troubleshooting.

How Much Do Wind Turbine Technicians Make?

The growing popularity and decent work are the main benefits of this occupation. The median annual salary for wind turbine technicians is about $53,000. However, it depends on the experience and professional competence of the wind farm technician. For example, an expert may earn even more than $72,000 while a beginner should expect to get near $36,000 for their services.

The interesting fact is that the highest salaries for windmill repairman are offered in such states as South Dakota, Kansas, North Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. Moreover, take into consideration that more than 60% of wind turbine service technicians are pleased with their occupation. Such impressive statistic is a great complement to the relatively good income.

Wind Turbine Technician Education Requirements

According to the statistics, usually, employers need wind energy technicians with High School Diploma (38%) or special certificate that states they’ve finished professional training (36%). Furthermore, it may be a great idea to get the ETA International Certification in case you want to get the necessary skills for the installation of big commercial wind energy converters.

Also, a lot of specialists improve their skills and get new knowledge by attending technical schools. It’s possible to find such institution almost in every state. Right now there are 193 educational programs for windmill workers and, usually, such course takes about 2 years.

Additionally, don’t forget about apprenticeship that can provide you with an opportunity to get hands-on experience related to your career development. You’ll become aware of the main safety norms and wind turbine maintenance process. This knowledge is necessary if you want to become a professional worker and get hired by a reputable employer. 

Nevertheless, there are some requirements you have to meet if you want to enter the apprenticeship program. First of all, you have to be at least 18 years old. Besides, it’s necessary to submit your high school diploma as well as prove that you are physically and mentally healthy to handle your job duties.


Whether you own a residential wind turbine or the whole wind farm, you definitely will need the help of a professional wind turbine technician. Experts predict that this occupation will be popular even in 2030. What is more, a fair wage and high level of job satisfaction are solid reasons to become a wind energy technician.

At the same time, you should realize that this is a dangerous job and you’ll need to spend years before you become an expert and high earner. That’s why you should weigh all the pros and contras to decide whether you are ready to work on wind turbines.

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