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Music is an integral part of our life and we can’t imagine our life without it. Probably, anybody likes to enjoy their favorite songs while studying, working or going somewhere. However, sometimes it’s impossible to listen to your favorite melody if you don’t have headphones. Probably, this is a must-have device for any music lover or a person who adores watching movies and various videos.

Of course, there are a lot of headphones that can provide you with perfect audio quality. At the same time, some of them may be made of environmentally-dangerous materials. That’s why it’s important to select sustainable headphones if you want to save the environment from the destruction. Fortunately, in this review, you’ll find the information about the devices that will help reduce your carbon footprint while providing you with a chance to enjoy the top-quality audio experience. 

How to Choose the Eco-Friendly Headphones

You need to pay attention to several features if you want to choose reliable headphones made of eco-friendly materials. Before making your final decision, find out the information about:

  • Packaging. There are no doubts that it’s better to choose the manufacturer that doesn’t use plastic to pack its products.
  • Reliability. Nobody wants to waste their money for nothing, that’s why it’ll be a great idea to read some reviews written by the customers. It’ll help you to discover all the benefits or drawbacks of this or that device before the purchase. In addition, don’t forget to check whether there is a warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • Natural Materials. Take into consideration that there are many headphones made of wood that is absolutely eco-friendly and guarantees incredible audio experience.
  • Safety. It’s vitally important to check whether phthalates or dioxins weren’t used in the production of the headphones you are going to buy. Remember that they are dangerous both for your health and environment.

Don’t forget to take into consideration all these features if you want to buy top-quality headphones. In addition, if you want to save your time, you can just choose one of the devices below. Each of them is absolutely environmentally-friendly and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Top 3 Best Recycled Headphones

While some people choose headphones produced by Samsung, Apple, or Xiaomi, you can purchase unique and eco-friendly devices that will definitely amaze any music lover. What is more, it will be a great idea to present your friends, relatives or coworkers with one of these wonderful recycled headphones.

1. AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones

If you are looking for premium headphones made of eco-friendly materials, this model is just what you need. Its design can satisfy anyone who wants to get both amazing style and perfect sound. Besides, these eco headphones are comfortable to wear and compact enough to be taken wherever you want.

In addition, the device is designed with a built-in microphone that makes it a perfect choice not only for music fans but also for gamers and people who often use Skype, Discord, etc. The headphones go with a high-performance cable that you can use to connect them to your smartphone, laptop or PC. Although the devices’ price is high, it’s worth its money due to high quality, reliability and such features as 50mm dynamic driver, voice-coil former and rubber surround.

2. House of Marley Exodus Headphones

House of Marley is a famous company that develops and produces amazing eco-friendly devices for music lovers. And you have a chance to purchase their new flagship. The wireless headphones are made of stainless steel, leather, recyclable aluminum, and sustainable FSC certified wood. They look just awesome and are so comfortable due to premium memory foam ear cushions.

These headphones will provide you with 30 hours of relax and joy before you need to charge them. In addition, this best-in-class device has such wonderful features as a built-in microphone, 50mm hi-definition drivers and remote functionality. 

It’s possible to use these headphones not only to enjoy the music but also to watch your favorite films without fear that you won’t hear something important. The device guarantees perfect audio even while you travel on a train or a bus. Besides, you can use these headphones while studying in case you need to isolate yourself from disturbing noises.

3. Symphonized Premium Headphones

Symphonized creates earphones for people who want to save our planet while enjoying the amazing sound. Their devices have an amazing colorful design. You can choose one of various bold colors including pink, red, and white. Furthermore, the headphones are handcrafted from natural wood and guarantee superior and sophisticated sound.

Besides, they are designed with a small microphone. And you can use its built-in mic & controls to respond to phone calls, activate Voice Control and skip the songs. The pleasant fact is that the headphones go with a free carrying pouch. It may become a great complement to your look. Plus, the pouch provides fast and easy access to the eco-friendly earbuds.


As you can see, there are a lot of companies that produce amazing eco-friendly headphones. If you purchase their devices instead of the ones made of plastic, you can reduce your environmental impact. What is more, such headphones may have a lot of modern features such as long battery life, wireless connectivity technology, comfortable ear cushions, and quick charge.

It’s no-brainer, that you should definitely have a look at the devices from the list if you want to buy organic headphones. Remember that the future of our planet depends on us and we always should take care of the environment. Besides, the purchase of such headphones is a great way to support the manufacturers and encourage them to develop new eco-friendly technologies.

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