How green are you quiz


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Do you print a receipt every time you withdraw money from an ATM?

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Do you turn off the water, when you don’t need it? For example, while brushing your teeth or in between washing the dishes.

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Do you purchase a plastic bag in a store, take your own one from home, or use a reusable grocery bag?

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What do you do with the things you don’t need?

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How do you purchase such things as clothes and other accessories?

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Do you pay attention to the substances found in cosmetics and household chemicals, when you purchase them?

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Do you consume meat dishes?

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Do you buy beverages in plastic bottles with soda straws, when you want to refresh yourself during a hot day?

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How often do you throw away spoiled food?

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How do you maintain your records?

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How do you use electricity?

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How do you get around the city?

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How often do you use lithium-ion batteries as power-supply sources?

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How many packaging materials do you use while purchasing products in the store?

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What type of diapers do you buy for your baby?

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How green are you? Have you ever taken into account this simple but, at the same
time, important question? No doubt, it’ll be a great decision to spend some time and
think about your environmental impact.

Consider that any person influences the environment. You can easily contribute to the
protection of our planet and, at the same time, your daily activity may cause
irreparable damage to nature. While some environmentally friendly people do their
best to stop the degradation of the environment, others ignore basic recommendations
related to this issue.

However, sometimes it may be challenging to find out whether you are an eco-
friendly person or not. Further, you may don’t know that some of your bad habits
affect the nature of our planet. For example, do you always turn off the water while
brushing your teeth? Or do you use a reusable grocery bag instead of the plastic one?
Get acquainted with our environmental quiz if you want to discover more information
about the habits you should pay attention to.

Plus, you’ll get useful tips, which will explain how you can improve your daily
routine in order to save the Earth. In case you are not satisfied with the points gained
after taking this quiz, you should certainly reconsider your way of life. The good
news is that it’s never too late to make a change for the better.

And if this short How Green Are You quiz will show that you are a true eco-warrior,
you should definitely share the received results with your friends and family
members! Remember that the more people become environmentally aware, the higher
chances to avoid hazardous ecological catastrophe our civilization has.

The sustainability quiz includes only 15 questions, so it won’t take a lot of your time.
Moreover, it may encourage you to change your life immediately and develop some
new eco-friendly habits. Remember that human civilization won’t be able to survive
without nature and a healthy environment. That’s why we have to protect the planet!
Of course, it may be difficult to stop eating meat products or ride a bike instead of
driving your comfortable car. Nevertheless, even if you start making insignificant
changes to your bad habits, you’ll help humanity to deal with such serious problems
as climate change or deforestation.

So, are you green? Take this Going Green quiz to find out the truth as well as
discover a couple of useful tips!