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Indestructible Shoes Review - Closer Look

Nowadays a lot of famous companies create amazing clothes. Right now we can purchase smart jackets, special fitness socks, and whatnot. However, have you ever dreamed of buying indestructible shoes?

It’s no-brainer that the creation of indestructible clothes will become one of the most important inventions in the history of our civilization. First of all, it’ll help us to protect the planet. The production of new clothes will be reduced causing a decrease in environmental pollution. Besides, due to such invention, a lot of people will get the opportunity to save their money.

Taking into account all the benefits of such creation, the Indestructible Shoes company decided to provide its customers with comfortable and stylish shoes designed to last for decades. Do you think it’s impossible? Read our review on indestructible shoes and discover whether they are worth their money.

Indestructible Shoes Review

The company claims that you can purchase amazing indestructible shoes at affordable prices. It offers a variety of different models produced by various manufacturers, so even a true fashionable dresser will find something to buy. What is more, each pair of shoes is made of extremely tough and lightweight materials such as military-grade kevlar. Indestructible Shoes claims to sell reliable products for people who enjoy an active lifestyle and adore adventures.

In addition, their indestructible sneakers have such amazing benefits as puncture resistance, breathable fly mesh, and shock-resistant sole. They are flexible and absolutely fire resistant. These immortal shoes guarantee you the top level of protection. Also, take into account that you can get acquainted with hundreds of positive reviews on the company’s official website.

Indestructible Shoes Review on Reddit

At the same time, it’s always a great idea to check several sources if you want to find reliable information about this or that product. For example, you may visit Reddit to search for comments and thoughts related to some of these indestructible bulletproof shoes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative reviews. Some users ensure that the company just sells rebranded Chinese shoes.

Indestructible Shoes Reddit Review #1

Additionally, a lot of people take a jab at the shoes’ steel midsole. While some of them say that this is a great choice for a person that works in a factory, others are sure that such unbreakable shoes are just useless if you buy them to play, for example, disc golf.

Indestructible Shoes Reddit Review #2
Indestructible Shoes Reddit Review #3
Indestructible Shoes Reddit Review #4

You can also find completely positive comments related to the quality of such shoes. For example, take a look at this indestructible shoes review left by one of the satisfied clients.

Indestructible Shoes Reddit Review #5

As you can see there are different thoughts about these shoes. That’s why it will be a great idea to find the model you are going to buy at the Amazon and read about it. Although some of the reviews are negative, there are a lot of customers satisfied with the purchase of indestructible shoes.

Indestructible Shoes Amazon Review #1
Indestructible Shoes Amazon Review #2

At the same time there are models you should purchase only if you want to spend your money for nothing. Bear in mind that it’s not recommended buying shoes manufactured by Ryder. Their quality is bad and they’re absolutely uncomfortable. Take a look at Ryder indestructible shoe review written by one of the disappointed customers.

Indestructible Shoes Amazon Review #3

But still, there are models manufactured by Suadex and Jackshibo that are worth their money. The majority of their Amazon reviews are positive. Plus, these models have high ratings. That’s why there is a chance to purchase durable shoes made of top-quality material that will protect your feet during the everyday walking.

Best Indestructible Shoes to Buy

Although you can find a lot of interesting offers at the Indestructible Shoes official website, you can also visit Amazon. There you will find so many models that you may be taken aback by such rich assortment. Fortunately, right now you can get acquainted with the best products to purchase.

1. Larnmern Steel Toe Shoes (click to see)

If you are looking for comfortable and durable shoes, this model is definitely your choice. It’s made of top-quality mesh and synthetic leather. Besides, the shoes are provided with a slip-resistant rubber sole and anti-shock steel toe. The model is a perfect choice for people who adore an active lifestyle as well as for the ones who want to protect their legs while walking or going in for sports.

2. Suadex Indestructible Shoes (click to see)

This model is a combination of extreme durability, wonderful design, and comfort. The manufacturer provided its shoes with puncture-proof kevlar midsole, breathable mesh and reflective strips. Plus, the model has a durable elastic lace and is lighter than usual industrial shoes. This product is perfect for people, who like the fashionable style as well as walking, hiking, and outdoor sports. Furthermore, this is a great option for warehousemen and plant workers.

3. Jackshibo Steel Toe Work Shoes (click to see)

Jackshibo work shoes won’t just protect your legs from any injuries but also provide you with ultra comfort and slip-resistance. They will last for years due to the high-quality materials. The shoes are designed with a rubber sole and anti-shock toe cap that guarantee safe hiking, running, forest exploration, etc. There are no doubts that any person, who can’t imagine their life without adventures, should buy this model.


Unfortunately, as you can see, some models sold by Indestructible Shoes company have various drawbacks such as heavyweight and bad quality. At the same time, there are products that are worth their money. Besides, don’t forget to visit such websites as Amazon to search for high-quality products.

Remember that you always should check the information thoroughly before making a purchase. In addition, don’t forget to maintain your shoes appropriately. It’s no-brainer that due to such attitude, almost any model can last several years.

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Kate MacMillan
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Kate is an environmental consultant specializing on green technologies and nature preservation techniques. She has more than 3 years of experience and worked with several non-profit organizations to save our nature from disruptive influence of people.
Denis Paul

INDESTRUCTIBLE SHOES – This Chinese company is claiming to have warehouses in Canada and the US but require to return the shoes to China for an exhange? Their very bad Customer Service persists through many emails with lies and lame excuses for not giving me their address in Canada or the USA to return my shoes. Obviously, they are Chinese people from China who have absolutely not the same ethics standard nor any respect for the Customer. My Advice to you all good people, BUY AMERICAN and BUY CANADIAN, you will get good products, good service. So, skip this one and avoid INDESTRUCTIBLE SHOES at all cost!


Hi there,
I have these shoes, just got them for Christmas actually. I wore them for 4 day (to work, I work in an office setting) and on day four I noticed the stitching on the side has started to unravel. I thought, maybe something happened during manufacturing and I received a faulty pair. After reaching out to the company they essentially told me it was my fault these shoes began to unravel and told me to purchase another pair with a 10% discount! They’re indestructible right?? Then why is the stitching coming off? Needless to say I don’t need their pity discount (just tax—WTF?!) and will not buy from such a money hungry, lying brand again. DO NOT BUY!!!

Denis Rae

The shoes are comfortable enough but the material used is of very poor chinese quality and mine ripped within 2 months of wearing where the laces go through. Indestructible Shoes refused to back them up and the after sales service was non existent. Would never deal with them again and certainly would not recommend them or their products.

Larry ricci

The brand is unfair. Not return friendly. Size was off by a half inch to all my shoe’s of the same size. The company refused to help but offered 30 percent off if i purchase another pair. Ya like i am that gullible.

Wayne hodgkins

They sure are not Fireproof and I sure wouldn’t want to even think about what would happen if you touched a grinder or a drill or something like that to it so far everything that I’ve heard about these is a lie except for they are lightweight and comfortable other than that they supposed to be fire resistant well I took the chance and touch the lighter to it just for a Split Second melted like plastic I say it’s false advertisement

John Kopp

I personally have a pair of indestructible xciter shoes, all these “negative” reviews, are very inaccurate. They weigh as much as the high brand lightweight pumas, the steel toe is capable of being ran over with a car without any damage, and in fact the whole shield can be smashed, and it wont affect the integrity. they are more versatile than nikes. I wear my pair for 10hr shirfts, 6 days a week and my feet have a high arch and usually tennis shoes cause my feet to swell, but these are comfortable enough to take anywhere. It’s sad how people compare work shoes to gold shoes and write a negative review. I highly recommend buying a pair over puma, Nike and Adidas but this is from my personal experience.


    Thank you for detailed review

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