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Why arguments against renewable energy could be easily refuted

It seems today not to think about the environment and the future of our planet can be compared with suicide. And the use of alternative energy sources is a very effective method to improve the state of nature and the environment.

However, not everyone agrees with this, and such a promising sphere as renewable energy sources still has many opponents who are trying to prove its defeat. They are using some of the seemingly strong arguments, which can be easily debunked, though. So, let’s discussed who is right.

What is renewable energy?

Now the main sources of energy on earth are coal, oil and gas. But these sources may end. And according to scientists, this will happen in our century. That is why the last few decades have been so actively searching for alternative energy sources – a renewable, those whose reserves are practically inexhaustible. It is sunlight, wind, geothermal energy and others.

However, their active development and use weaken the position of those who supply oil to world markets. That is why arguments so often against the use of renewable energy, for maintaining the status quo.
However, the development process cannot be stopped. Also, the use of renewable energy sources is much cleaner and safer than traditional methods. They carry less environmental pollution and do not leave problems such as those that arise after mining voids and mines.
The main arguments against renewable energy are easily refuted. Let’s look at them.

1. It’s too expensive

One of the arguments against alternative energy is the high cost of production. Perhaps in the first stage, it was. But now a lot of techniques and technologies have been developed that are constantly developing and competing among themselves. Their cost is continuously decreasing, multiplying and in terms of each kilowatt of energy received.

Nowadays, almost every household can afford small solar panels. And the number of installed wind generators is already in the thousands. And the geography of their use is expanding.

2. Using alternative energy sources will not be able to satisfy all needs

Renewable energy controversy also aims at resource efficiency in different fields. Of course, initially the use of solar power plants or wind generators was only as an ecological alternative in a limited amount. But technology does not stand still, and states, especially European ones, increase the percentage of use of clean energy in their households every year. And the rate is rising.

For example, by 2035, Denmark plans to cover 100% of its electricity demand from environmentally friendly sources. Green energy can also be used in industry, as recently demonstrated in Australia, significantly increasing the percentage of renewable energy used specifically for industrial needs.

3. Renewable energy isn’t reliable

The production of clean energy is only developing, and so far depends on the number of sunny days or wind. But science does not stand still. Smart technologies will be used to track and manage energy use patterns. The best storage systems will be introduced.

All of these factors will enable dynamic networks to generate, store, and share renewable energy for homes and businesses across the country. The larger the renewable energy industry becomes, the more efficient and reliable it will be. New technologies are aimed, first of all, at increasing the efficiency of using green energy sources.

4. It takes too many resources

One of the arguments of the opponents of the installation of alternative energy generators was the use of too much land for their needs. In the early years of using solar energy, perhaps it was.

But now the situation has changed a lot. Firstly, the power of each solar panel has increased. Secondly, they began to be placed not only on the ground but also on the roofs of houses, garages, greenhouses, instead of windows and on walls. Thanks to the advanced technology, such panels can work wherever they receive at least a little sunlight. And how effective are such technologies in deserts, where there is a lot of the sun, but the land is unsuitable for other needs.

5. Renewable Energy is a Fad

Renewable energy is here to stay. This is a trend that is only beginning to strengthen, but quite widely and already around the world, affecting not only developed countries but also developing ones that are constantly faced with development problems. Traditional energy producers have tried to thwart their progress.

But since climate change and alternative energy debate is at the top of the agenda for many countries, the scale and reach of renewable energy are growing in countries around the world. And since the industry generates more money, more of it goes into the processes of technology development, their improvement and increased efficiency. So if this is a fad, it is a very good and durable fad aimed at improving our living environment.

So what kind of energy is the future?

Arguments against renewable energy claim that it will not be able to cover all the troubles, especially the industry, that it is unreliable and not enough. But environmentalists only silently do their job – they improve and develop technologies, increase the occupied space, and involve new countries in their projects. And the percentage of renewable energy is growing every year.

In addition, the proponents of clean energy have a new argument. The reserves of coal, oil and gas are running low every year, and their production is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. We have to develop new technologies, produce new expensive equipment. The cost of production is growing relentlessly, and now even the most avid skeptics are increasingly looking towards green energy and finds arguments for renewable energy.

Common arguments against renewable energy are most often put forward by those who supply traditional energy sources to the market, whose market is continually narrowing. Indeed, with increasing production costs and a decrease in the price of energy in the market, less and less profit remains for large corporations.

But nevertheless, renewable energy sources have already proved their effectiveness and the era of their active opposition is gradually remaining in the past. The future has green energy because almost all countries have already realized the importance of caring not only for industry but also for the environment.

About author
Kate MacMillan
Job description
Kate is an environmental consultant specializing on green technologies and nature preservation techniques. She has more than 3 years of experience and worked with several non-profit organizations to save our nature from disruptive influence of people.

Renewable energies never consider the polluting costs of building the equipment. I never hear about the detriment to the environment or windmill killing birds. I hear about climate change. I’d be more worried if there wasn’t climate change. Consider that 3 million yrs ago the poles were TROPICAL!!! The ice cores also showed dramatic shifts in temperature. When the Pleistocene age came it was sudden. And why do you think the Vikings descended south in 500 AD. The basic premise in favor of renewable energy is based on politics and nothing more. There’s insufficient data

Keith Hillier

One of the criticisms not covered in this article is that renewables are in fact not environmentally friendly due to materials used in their manufacture which create a nightmare waste situation post expiry. There are also claims about noise issues with wind turbines as well as large scale bird killings.

Speaking to one vocal critic of “climate alarmists” like Dr Tim Flannery, I was also told that the scientists were more divided on this issue than we are led to believe, though he did concede that our reliance on coal should be lessened , primarily through nuclear energy.


I’ve been trying to find out the cost of solar and wind PER KILOWATT HOUR. Search engines are loaded with ads and when you go to a website, there are virtually no specifics, just leftist propaganda without hard numbers.

What is the cost — without subsidies — of green energy? It is not a tough question. All I see here is something that could have been written by Ocasio-Cortez. I searched for “arguments against green energy” and I got this “azgreenmagazine” page, which is totally nonspecific. What is this industry hiding? Electric bills four times higher? Five? Six? Try giving a straight answer for once. I doubt if you can.


    Just searched it $0.06 solar and $0.02 wind from the department of energy

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