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Unlike natural fuels, which mankind receives from the bowels of the earth, solar energy is practically inexhaustible. It does not harm the environment, and there is no need to pay for its use. Modern heating systems can be combined with solar collectors, making solar heating systems available to generate hot water or supply additional heat to the heating circuit.

The use of solar radiation as thermal energy is called thermal heating. It should not be confused with the photovascular effect, which implies obtaining an electric current from sunlight. The great opportunities of the use of solar energy have been long recognized on the market.

The most important benefit of the off grid solar system is the endless amount of free energy and savings in utility costs since less energy is used to heat water and space. In addition, the solar thermal system can be integrated into existing systems, and modern ones work effectively even in winter. Another important factor is a concern for the future of the planet as there are no CO2 emissions during operation. It should be understood that the more people switch to alternative types of heating, the more the consumption of fossil fuels decreases. The first few criteria you should pay attention to when choosing to install a system for your property are:

  • The mission of the off grid home solar system. Make sure to determine the purpose — use it as a primary or secondary power supply
  • Energy consumption that the station must cover in whole or in part
  • The size of the area for the station
  • Place of installation — on the roof or on the ground. Accordingly, the installation of solar panels will be performed using ground structures, or the system will be installed on the roof
  • Daily consumption of connected electrical appliances
  • Peak loads of electrical appliances (pumps, refrigerator)
  • Year-round or summer-only operation of the system

A solar cell system is a device that collects light energy from sunlight and converts it into electrical current. It is based on photocells, namely, semiconductor photovoltaic converters. Sunlight striking the plates releases electrons, which begin to move along the conductors. The inverter converts DC to AC to power standard household appliances. Solar panels for home or summer cottages can be divided into three large groups: silicon, film, and amorphous. Batteries belonging to the last two groups are not beneficial for use in a private home.

Silicon batteries include monocrystalline and polycrystalline systems, which are the most popular. Monocrystalline panels are more efficient but also more expensive. Silicon wafers are shaped like a square with cut corners. Thanks to the homogeneous surface, a high energy conversion efficiency is achieved up to 20% but only in direct sunlight. They perceive diffused and side light a little worse. The productivity of polycrystalline panels is 11-16%. They have a lower cost and a large selection of manufacturers. Such panels are suitable for diffused light and have a wider angle of perception of sunlight. Monocrystalline is more often used in regions with high solar activity, while polycrystalline, on the contrary, in locations with low solar activity.

In most cases, the basic set of an autonomous solar system should include a solar battery, which converts sunlight into electricity, a controller that optimizes battery performance and improves power generation efficiency, and an inverter that converts DC to AC. The last important component is the battery, the function of which is to store the received electricity. The solar battery acts as an intermediary in the receipt of electrical energy by end users.

The use of solar batteries allows you to store the surplus solar energy generated by the solar system during the daytime, enabling using them in the evening when electricity consumption is at its maximum. The batteries are charged with the operating currents of solar panels, which allows them not to experience excessive short-term loads.

Best Solar System for Off Grid

If you are already thinking about switching to alternative types of energy supply for your home, then, before buying a product, you should choose the best solar system for off grid. There is a huge range of products on the solar panels market, differing in technical characteristics, manufacturers, cost. When comparing off grid solar system brands, you need to pay attention to the composition of the kit and the country of the manufacturer.

Depending on the size of your home and the activity of consumption, you should carefully analyze the amount of used and required energy. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, turn to specialists for advice. If you carefully analyze all the points, then your best complete off grid solar system will provide your home with energy for a long time.

Unbound 11.34 kW 36-Panel Canadian Solar Off-Grid Solar System

Unbound 11.34 kW 36-Panel Canadian Solar Off-Grid Solar System

If you are the owner of a large house and plot, then you should consider this purchase option. This version of the off grid solar system kit consists of 32 black Canadian-made 325 Watt monocrystalline panels, 8.8 kW Inverter, Charge Controller, a set of wires, and all the required connectors. In addition, a set is provided for installing the system on the roof. Although the price may not seem small, the system will provide your home with 51.0 kWh daily in summer and 25.5 kWh in winter. The principle of operation of this off grid solar system is based on the fact that the modules convert solar energy entering the surface into a direct current.

It charges batteries and simultaneously feeds the load connected via an inverter or controller. The inverter, in turn, converts direct current (DC) to alternating (AC) obtained from solar panels. When solar modules cannot provide a consumer with energy, batteries become the main source of electricity. The charge controller manages the charging process of batteries. Subsequently, you will receive 1120 and 240 volt AC power, which will be used to ensure uninterrupted operation of refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, dishwashers, small household appliances, and communication devices.

AltE Base Kit 3 Off-Grid 7.3kW Residential Solar Power System

AltE Base Kit 3 Off-Grid 7.3kW Residential Solar Power System

Off grid solar power systems for homes of this type are suitable for both medium and large land plots and dwellings. When ordering the system, you can adjust the components of the kit yourself. The basic version includes 24 black 305-Watt Seraphim monocrystalline panels, cable sets of connectors, a key disconnector, and all the necessary components of the inverter controller/charge. You can choose a set for installation, depending on the place where you plan to equip the system. There are three main options, namely, the roof, the ground, and the top of the pole kit. You also have a choice of the battery bank, which depends primarily on battery voltage, Amp- and Watt-Hours, and total battery bank capacity.

The next important criteria are preferred price, country of origin, approximate usage period, and warranty. In total, the official website provides a choice of three options: Trojan L-16-RE-2V Premium Flooded Lead Acid Battery, Outback EnergyCell 1300RE 48V Battery Bank, and KiloVault Lithium Battery. On the official website, all the criteria, benefits, and disadvantages are conveniently presented in the form of a comparative table. The amount of kWh of energy produced by this system depends on the region in which you live. So, Northeast residents will receive approximately 10.8 kWh of daily power, Florida residents will have 19.4 kWh every day, and Southwest systems will bring their owners 23.7 kWh per day.

Bimble Solar 24kW Complete 3 Phase Off Grid/On Grid/Hybrid Solar PV System with JA Mono Panel

Bimble Solar 24kW Complete 3 Phase Off Grid/On Grid/Hybrid Solar PV System with JA Mono Panel

These standalone solar power systems provide large homes, farms, and ranches with high-quality power. In an ordered set, you can expect 64 monocrystalline panels in black frames that transmit 380-watt power, 48x 2V traction batteries, 6x outback 48V 3 kW inverter chargers, 6x 80A charge controllers, outback remote monitors and controllers, communication manager, digital multimeter of direct and alternating current, and a complete set of necessary cables and wires.

Also, if you place an order on the official website, you can assemble your own kit with the number of components that is right for you. After installing the system, depending on your needs, six inverters will provide you with 3 phase 6 Kw constant or unified phase with 18Kw output. If you use more or less energy, then, accordingly, you can use three of them or, on the contrary, connect more inverters.

ECO-WORTHY 1kW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter for Homes House Shed Farm

ECO-WORTHY 1kW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter for Homes House Shed Farm

This system will be an excellent solution for owners of small houses. It is clear that when buying, you can order additional parts, such as wires, fasteners, and others, and select the basic configuration instead of full. The choice depends on your budget. Nevertheless, the full package consists of 6 monocrystalline solar panels 195 Watt in a white frame, a 3kW off grid inverter with a cable, 60A charge controller, two 100AH batteries, and a set of cables and mounts.

Ultimately, you will receive about 4 kWh daily. This energy is enough for the work of the refrigerator, television, and other small household appliances. It does not take long to install the kit, and, in addition, as a good advantage of this company, a one-year warranty for components is provided, as well as professional round-the-clock customer support.

WindyNation 400 Watt

WindyNation 400 Watt

People who have an active lifestyle, do not sit in one place, and travel a lot are often the happy owners of the houses on the wheels. For them, the WindyNation will be a perfect option. By the way, this set will also properly serve for dwellings with a small area. This solar system with a complete kit of components consists of 4 polycrystalline 100-Watt off grid solar panels, 30A charge controller with a convenient display, 1,500-Watt power inverter, and 400AH battery bank.

In addition, to satisfy customer needs, all necessary wires and cables and whole mounting means are provided. In good weather, the system can produce between 17V and 20V per one sunny day. Despite all the advantages, most likely, it is better to turn to the help of specialists to mount the kit. Also, a buyer can consider other options for the WindyNation systems, namely, choose the 300AH battery or the option only with inverter.

Renogy 1200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Kit

Renogy 1200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Kit

Another good option for owners of small houses from the company Renogy. This set can also be a quality additional energy producer. By ordering this kit, you get 4 monocrystalline 320-Watt solar panels, a classic multiple charge controller, a solar combiner box, a pair of solar 15A-150 circuit Bbeakers, all necessary cables and wires, an enclosure, and one more breaker. Most importantly, you can control the system using a website or local area network.

You can also browse the product catalog and order some additional accessories. The set produces enough energy to keep the refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, and a couple of other household devices running. It is worth considering that the product may not be very practical for mobile homes.

Renogy 800 Watt 24 Volt Solar Premium Kit

Renogy 800 Watt 24 Volt Solar Premium Kit

Renogy has not left motorhome owners without a quality product tailored specifically for them. This system is designed to provide energy to a small living space. Eight 100-Watt monocrystalline solar panels are doing the main work to support a pair of medium-sized household devices and recharging portable gadgets.

The kit also includes an innovative Bluetooth module that works up to 50 feet, the 40A MPPT Charge Controller, and all the cables, wires, and connectors you need. Also, the buyer will find in the box a kit for the installation of this construction.

Bottom Line

So, as you can see, the choice is rather vast. No one knows your needs better than you, but specialists may know some nuances and aspects you might be not aware of. Be sure that a solar system won’t disappoint you in any case, and the information provided above might help you be more confident in your choice.

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