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Camping is an amazing opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. What is more, it’s a great chance to have a lot of fun with your family or friends. And you can get even more unforgettable emotions if you’ll purchase or rent an RV for your adventures. However, remember that you should take care of the environment while enjoying your relaxation.

It’s no-brainer that you can buy organic food and even pick up the litter left behind by other campers if you want to protect nature. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about the RV. Do you know that there are electric recreational vehicles that can help you reduce your environmental impact?

In case you’re an eco-conscious camper or a true fan of trailer adventures, this short review will help you select the best motorhome that will amaze your relatives and save our planet. And take into account that some models from the list aren’t available for the purchase right now, however, they’ll get to market in the nearest future. 

1. Dalbury E-Electric

Dalbury E-Electric
Dalbury E-Electric | img. credit: insideevs.com

This electric RV is a real treasure for any person who wants to explore nature. It offers such amazing benefits as fast charge and low running costs. What is more, the vehicle comes with a special kit for home charging. 

The Dalbury E – Electric inside view
What is inside Dalbury E-Electric | img. credit: insideevs.com

The campervan is designed with a climate control system that provides the opportunity to enjoy your holidays even during the hot weather. Besides, you’ll find a 39-liter fridge inside this RV. The vehicle has even a solar panel and a rear camera that guarantees you won’t damage the van while parking it. 

Dalbury E-Electric video review

And such things as a folding table and comfy rest area make this solar-powered motorhome an amazing choice for a person who wants to travel with comfort. This vehicle proves that it’s possible to enjoy camping without a fear to increase the carbon footprint.

2. Volkswagen Type 20

Volkswagen Type 20
Volkswagen Type 20 | img. credit: theverge.com

The famous German company is going to impress its fans with the new VW I.D. Buzz in 2022. However, if you adore old VW Type 2, you should certainly have a look at this electric recreational vehicle. Although it’s impossible to purchase it right now, the concepts of the RV are amazing.

Type 20 video review

The vehicle will be provided with an amazing 120bhp engine. And, of course, its classic design can make a mash on anyone. The van is a combination of retro style, modern technologies, and wonderful comfort. In case you adore Volkswagen vehicles and want to purchase unique and attractive campervan, VW Type 20 is your choice. 

3. Mercedes eSprinter

Mercedes eSprinter | img. credit: electrek.co

Mercedes Sprinter is, probably, one of the most attractive vans for camping. Its manufacturers have noticed that this model becomes more and more popular with adventurers, and decided to release amazing electric motorhome. 

It’ll be possible to control your eSprinter via a special mobile app. For example, you’ll be able to useit to control the awning and even overcome some of the mechanical issues. Plus, the manufacturers say that they managed to get an 80% battery charge just in 30 minutes. Although you can’t purchase this eco-friendly vehicle right now, you definitely should wait for its market launch that will happen in the first part of 2020.

4. Nissan e-NV 200

Nissan e-NV 200 rv | img. credit : electrek.co

If want to buy a perfect van for family trips to the beach or forest camping with your friends, you should get acquainted with Nissan e-NV 200. This electric-powered RV can cover a distance of up to 124 miles. It’s quite impressive for such a small motorhome.

The great fact is that this RV is pretty affordable. You’ll need to pay about $20,000 for the version without furniture. After the purchase, you’ll be able to modify the vehicle and create a motorhome of your dream. At the same time, you can pay $7,000 for the standard overhaul. It includes a double bed, power supply, extendable roof, and turning seats. But still, you should be ready for additional outlay if you want to purchase the fully-loaded campervan.

e-NV 200 video review

In addition, you can check Nissan NV 300, a hybrid motorhome that is a cross between small e-NV 200 and thirty-hundred-weight lorry Nissan NV 400. The vehicle offers two double beds, fridge, hob, sink and heater that will protect the campers from cold during their winter adventures. Plus, it’s possible to purchase this RV with a shower for additional $130.

5. Iridium E-Mobil Motorhome

It’s no-brainer that such campervans as Nissan e-NV 200 are perfect for a small group of travelers. However, you’ll need a bigger vehicle if you want to go camping with the whole family. And here comes this wonderful campervan.

Iridium E-Mobil video review

The vehicle is designed with a smart battery management system, synchronous motor, and heavy-duty lithium battery. All these elements guarantee top-quality performance. In addition, the vehicle’s drive range is about 124 miles on a single charge. And it’s possible to charge this campervan both from a standard socket or charging station. However, take into consideration that this electric mobile home is expected to be launched with an initial price of $194,500.


The development of electric vehicles is a sure way to protect the Earth from global warming. And it’s just great that the manufacturers of campervans try to improve their RVs and provide them with the newest eco-friendly technologies. Additionally, these companies don’t forget about the comfort of their customers and stuff vehicles with tons of useful features. There are no doubts that electric RVs stand a good chance to cause the revolution in the production of campervans.

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