Arizona Humane Society wants their animals “Home for the Holidays”

by Rosali Capri ~ By the end of this year,  animal shelters will realize a record high number of animals admitted, according to the Arizona Humane Society. During these challenging times, AHS reports that they continue to face the overwhelming problem of pet overpopulation, but still continue to offer leading-edge programs and services to rescue, heal, shelter, advocate for and place animals.

“In the past year, I have seen tremendous heartache and tremendous joy all in the same day,” says Bretta Nelson, public relations manager of the Arizona Humane Society.

 In hopes that AHS can provide homes for the hundreds of animals at their shelter, AHS is hosting a holiday pet adoption and supply drive.

This holiday season, you can help save the life of a homeless animal by participating in AHS “Home for the Holidays: Give the Gift of Hope Drive.” AHS is hoping you will help them combat this community crisis by supporting its goal of finding a “forever home” for the animals waiting at AHS.

“Often times, I go home at night and there is my 10-year-old black lab nestled in four or five pillows on the couch sound asleep,” says Nelson. “And I often catch myself telling her, ‘Maddie, you know, not everyone has it quite as good as you do,’ She typically raises her gray muzzle, gives me a kiss as if to thank me, and then drifts off back to sleep. I can’t help but think of all of the homeless pets who will be spending the night in the shelter.”

Nelson says, the animals at the AHS shelter certainly are well cared for and much better off than when they first came to the facility.  But she maintains that she’d like each animal in the shelter to find a good home for the holidays .

The Arizona Humane Society provides all of their animals with as many comforts of home as possible. The animals have their own beds, blankets, and various chew toys, and they are serenaded by classical music that is playing throughout the different rooms.

 While every day presents new challenges says Nelson, “one thing remains constant – miracles happen every day, down every hallway, and around every corner. Without the community’s support of our mission, programs and services we would not be able to come to this amazing shelter every day.”

These miracles occur because of AHS programs such as Second Chance Animal Hospital and AHS alternative placement department. According to Nelson, AHS’ alternative placement department is continuously searching for new organizations to partner with in an attempt to place as many of AHS shelter animals as possible by means other than traditional adoption. Nelson says, often times AHS sees many amazing animals come through their doors who are destined for great things and that is when AHS reaches out to organizations such as a Soldier’s Best Friend. They, in turn, train these dogs to become service and therapy dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI.

One example of an amazing success story is Max.

“When Max, a lab/Shar-pei mix, came in to AHS his head was twice its normal size from a snake bite wound,” says Nelson. “After AHS’ vets nursed Max back to health in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital, AHS’ alternative placement team reached out to SBF and now Max is just weeks away from SBF graduation and quite frankly, is one of the most well-behaved, trained dogs that I have ever come across. To think that someone perhaps deemed Max as unwanted or broken is unthinkable. Instead, Max has brought so much joy and comfort to his owner, Jerry and seeing that first-hand inspires AHS to do even more.”

 Nelson says that, whether it’s monetary donations, a person’s valuable time, donated supplies, or the adoption of a pet, every contribution makes the daily miracles of AHS possible.

So, this holiday season please remember your four legged friends that are hoping to be home for the holidays and give the gift of hope by supporting AHS and their annual holiday pet drive.

$50: Helps provide vaccinations, food, blankets and toys for two animals for a week.
$25: Helps provide one EAMT™ with life-saving fluid therapy supplies for an animal suffering from severe trauma.
$10: Helps provide pre-anesthetic blood work for one animal before a spay/neuter surgery.

Other ways to get involved:

Host a holiday pet supply drive with your friends, family or company.

Learn more by visiting http: www.azhumaneorg/homefortheholidays

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